Degen Dex is an exchange platform created by the Degen Dex Development Team that looks to revolutionalize the trading on the solana ecosystem


Regardless of your trading level, Degen Dex can accommodate you for a seamless, integrated experience trading in the Solana ecosystem..

  • GUI-Based SPL Token Management
  • Degen Launchpad provides the ultimate token sale experience
  • Easily list any minted token
  • Token utility, external network linkage, and expansion of NFT, etc


With a total of 18.4 Billion Degen tokens, the following amounts have been allotted for different purposes:

25% Staking Rewards

There will be $Degen 4.6 billion available as rewards for those who provide their tokens for staking.

25% Airdrop

A total of $Degen 4.6 billion will be given freely to Solana ecosystem and community.

15% Marketing

The amount of $Degen to be reserved for promotions and marketing is $Degen 2.76 billion.

20% Liquidity

$Degen 3.68 billion will be made available as the supply of liquidity into pools to make it very easy for people to buy and sell.

5% Partnerships

The amount of $Degen tokens available for partnerships is $Degen 920 million. This would be used to foster bridges between different communities, projects and established companies that would be involved with $Degen in the future.

10% Team

10% of the $Degen Token Supply is allocated to the DegenDex core team.

Our Roadmap

October 2021 DEGEN COIN

Birth of DegenDex coin on Solana blockchain

PHASE1 2021 Listing on Exchange
  • Listing on Dexlab.space
  • Listing on SolApe swap
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
PHASE2 2021 First Airdrop
  • 40% of total supply will be airdrop to our loving community
PHASE3 2021 Dex Launch
  • Dex Platform preparation
  • Swapping and Staking functionalities Added
PHASE4 2022 NFT LAUNCH and Second Airdrop

We will be doing airdrops to our most loved NFT communities.


Leaping for future challenges

Our Exchanges and Partners

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